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MARTER Projects #02: Exchange South-Korea / The Netherlands 2016

Vanaf 15 december 2016

Na het succes in 2015 komt Marter Projects met een vervolg. Marter Projects organiseert kunstuitwisseling tussen Nederland en Zuid-Korea. Met dank aan de Koreaanse ambassade exposeert de Koreaanse kunstenares Yisu Kim met haar tentoonstelling: Inframense – Landscape . Deze expositie is te bewonderen vanaf 15 december 2016.

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I see the horizon of sea as well as the sunset on sea. This is the wide sky and the horizon, the red glow and the horizon, and the view of the horizon belowthe sky. The jolting sunset embraces the horizon far away. The horizon is a boundary line of space: dividing the sea and the sky. The sunset is a boundary line of time, swallowing the lights and wind. I stand on the horizon. Time flows. The impacts of air and lights reveal ‘a thousand faces’ from moment to moment.
I quietly catch the view of the wonder. Air and lights crumble, being pushed onto the horizon. A view in the view being decked out beyond the boundary of time and space: slightly different views…
I intentionally apply the idea of ‘Inframince’, introduced by Marcel Duchamp, into the scene between different views.
The term ‘Inframince’ means ‘Being extremely thin and tiny’. This idea can be understood as a thing that has no proper identity, or it can be explained as the ‘between-ness’ of an unrecognizable area and its edges. It is a complicated, unstable conception. From an artistic viewpoint ‘Inframince’ represents either thickness realized by a series of thin lines (i.e., an ‘eppaisseur’), or the relationship between lines. In this perspective, thickness of lines or relationships between lines are given an account of layers by means of translucent paper, dyed thread, colored acrylic bands and panels throughout a series of exhibitions.
In this particular exhibition, overlap and subtle nuance of colorful bands painted on semi-transparent tape are primarily used in order to describe the idea of ‘Inframince’. My ‘Inframince-Landscape’ stands on not only the between-ness the time of sunset and the space of horizon, but also the boundary of being generated and extinguished constantly. I have never experienced the views of landscape in the same way.
The storage of my memory meeting the boundary is always present and progressive.

Yisu Kim